{ (display: "Initial trust") (display: "Feedback") (set: $pointsHabit to (datamap: "truth", 50, "lies", 50, ) ) (set: $habitCounter to (datamap: "truth", 0, "lies", 1 ) ) (set: $trustCounter to (datamap: "null", 50) ) (set: $decisionHistory to (datamap: "null", "null") ) (set: $NPC to "init") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) }[[Truth be untold->Introduction]]{ (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "Yes") (set: $NPC to "Death") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1) (set: $NPCfailure to 1) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse"), "failure", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse"), "failure", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse") ), ) ) (set: $sceneNarration to "You know one day Death will come looking for you. There's no escape for your kind of people. It will be in the form of a broken axis in a car, of a contract killer, of a suspicious fall when you're skiing. Someone will badly want you dead, or a lot of people will softly want you dead. Sooner rather than later, you will face it. What will you say?" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|: you are not ready yet.", "success", "So when Death comes looking for you, you will simply ask for more time and expect her to be compassive. All right. [You better be convincing...]<continue|", "failure", "ERROR", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Tell a lie:]<option2| it is unfair, you have things left to do that are important to many people.", "success", "So when Death comes looking for you, you will look her in the eye and try to trick her into giving you more time because you're worth it? [You better be a great liar...]<continue|", "failure", "ERROR", ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "You're five years old. Why is your uncle's house so much bigger than any other house in the world? You've learnt it is called a *manor*. Is that the name for a house that could fit your schoolbus in most rooms? You run alone through its echo-filled corridors. It's so amusing to think that Mom will take ages to find you. If she does. A kid runs towards you and pushes you to the ground, laughing. He's older and bigger. There's nothing you can do except trying not to cry. After a while he gets up and releases you. *'I'm your cousin Anton'*, he says. **You have not been told you have a cousin.** *'Did they tell you about me?', he asks*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[No, you answer]<option1|.", "success", "[Cousin Anton laughs.]<continue|", "failure", "[Cousin Anton laughs.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 1) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 100, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "Yes") (set: $NPC to "Cousin Anton") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1) (set: $NPCfailure to 1) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse-2"), "failure", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse-2") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "*'You always tell the truth, don't you?'*, he asks. *'Do you know that you can tell lies and people will believe them? But you have to understand how lies work. If you never tell a lie, when you tell one, you will be nervous and people won't believe you. When people think you are telling the truth, they will trust you more next time, and maybe you'll get away with a lie. And sometimes you get away with lies simply because of luck. Do you understand all this?'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|: it sounds complicated.", "success", "*'Yeah, you know I wouldn't believe it if you'd said you understood! You're just too little'* [You spend the rest of the afternoon playing with him.]<continue|", "failure", " ERROR ", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Tell a lie]<option2|: you understand.", "success", " ERROR ", "failure", "*'I know you're lying!'*. Anton bursts into laughter. [You spend the rest of the afternoon playing with him.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 200, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Cousin Anton") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1) (set: $NPCfailure to 1) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse-3"), "failure", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse-3") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse-3"), "failure", (array: "youngchild-unclehouse-3") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "When you hear Mom calling you say goodbye to Anton and run to meet her. She doesn't see Anton. *'Did you play here on your own the whole afternoon?'* she asks with a slightly trembling voice." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[You lie]<option1| and say yes. ", "success","She seems more baffled than mad at you. She starts a long rant about children getting hurt by doing things on their own, but you barely listen. You're trying to make sense of all the things that Cousin Anton has secretly told you today. He **insisted** they were secrets. In all the years that follow, there isn't a single mention of Cousin Anton at home or family reunions. The uncle has no kids. You never see him again in your rare visits to the manor and there are no photos of him. [After some years, you have come to think that he only existed in your imagination.]<continue|", "failure","error ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 1) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Mom") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1) (set: $NPCfailure to 1) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "child-animals"), "failure", (array: "") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "*'I'm so sorry. I'm afraid that we're going to have to bury Mr. Goldfish.'* You can tell Mom's upset. The fish has been removed from the fishbowl after a whole morning that you spent starting at its lifeless body. A bit later, she sounds different: not worried about Mr. Goldfish or about your sadness, but worried about your behaviour. *'Did you feed him something different from the usual? Did you put something in the water?'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. You're responsible. You wanted to see what happened. But you're so sorry now. ", "success","She turns more and more serious as you tell her, a darkness in her expression that you have never seen before. She swallows, she stares judgementally. If your shivering and sobbing is what she wants, she has done it. *'It's very bad. But at least you seem to know how bad it is.'* *'I'll tell you your punishment later. Now go.'* [You go upstairs.]<continue|", "failure","*'Dear, I'm sure that's not what happened. You are messing things, what you did was something different. Let's not talk about this anymore.'* [She doesn't need to ask.]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "You're real sorry for what you did but the idea of telling Mom makes you cringe. There's no reason she needs to know. [Lie to her]<option2|. ", "success","*'I wonder what's happened. Maybe Mr. Goldfish got sick. Maybe some food was not in good condition, or there was something in the water some day.'* Mom looks at you lovingly. *'I know how you loved him and took care of him. You're good with little animals. I don't know about you, but I really feel like getting another fish. Not a goldfish of course...'* She goes on and on. [You get away with it.]<continue|", "failure","Mom doesn't need threats to be frightening. She only needs to sit and look somewhere else with a casual expresssion. As if her terrible schemes for your punishment are not that important, not bothering *at all*. *'I know you did it somehow and I know what you said is a lie. Now you stop lying and tell the truth.'* She isn't showing any distress yet. [You stand paralized and wait for your punishment.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 20, "option2", 50, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Mom") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .30) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "child-hyprocriteparents"), "failure", (array: "child-animals-2") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "child-animals-2"), "failure", (array: "child-boardingschool") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "... it's not as if the cat was going to live a long and fruitful life *anyway*. She was old, half-blind, she was nasty to people. Aren't those good reasons? You say it to yourself again and again. Some kids you know at school have talking to the school psychologist about stuff that is way worse than this. But maybe he could help? Not that you need any help. But you know, thinking about that cat makes you uncomfortable about the way you **felt**. Maybe the stuff is not so much worse than this. You're in the psychologist's office. He leans over his desk. You dislike him. You find him almost disgusting. You have a secret nickname for him: Mr. Meet your Mother." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Force yourself to tell the truth]<option1|. You know it's best. Tell him about the cat and Mr. Goldfish. ", "success","*'I will have to tell your parents about this'*, he says. And he says absolutely nothing clever about you. [You shouldn't have trusted him]<continue|. ", "failure","ERROR", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Tell a slight lie]<option2|. Talk about other kids being mean to you. Make him feel smart. ", "success","*'Come on, come on. Want a candy?'*, he says, and he smiles warmly. *'You know, sometimes I wish I had a real job. Even a fridge salesman has a job more real than mine.'* [What?]<continue|.", "failure","*'I don't think you've told me all the truth'*, he says. *'We will continue some other day'* [You won't be back if there's anything you can do to avoid it.]<continue| ", ), "option3", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Deny everything]<option3|. Say that you're perfectly happy. ", "success","*'Someone worries too much and tells you to go visit the old school shrink, uh?'* You barely understand a word he says. A funny grownup who makes no sense and can be easily tricked. That's your school psychologist. [That can be useful]<continue|. ", "failure","*'I don't think you've told me all the truth'*, he says. *'We will continue some other day'* [You won't be back if there's anything you can do to avoid it.]<continue| ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 3) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 30, "option3", 60, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Psychologist") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.5) (set: $NPCfailure to .40) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "child-boardingschool"), "failure", (array: "child-boardingschool") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "child-animals-3"), "failure", (array: "child-hyprocriteparents") ), "option3", (datamap: "success", (array: "child-animals-3"), "failure", (array: "child-hyprocriteparents") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "This had to happen some day. No matter how great you lie, nothing can get you out of this mess. Mom is staring at you. She cried a lot when she found the birds and her eyes are red now, like furious people in comic books. *'I told your uncle we should have done something before'* , she absently says, but before you can ask, she does that thing. The one that terrifies you most. That thing with her voice that sounds like a scream though it's actually quite soft. *'Have you hurt any other animals before?'* " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Admit it]<option1|. You know that it will be good for you. ", "success","You say yes. Mom slaps your face, then sighs and hugs you. *'My love, we will make you all right. You won't have to hurt things to feel better.'* She separates from you suddenly, visibly uneasy, [*'We will make you all right'*]<continue|. ", "failure","ERROR", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "Make the mess less bad. She's your mother, she will believe you. [Lie to her. You've never hurt any other animal]<option2|. ", "success","*'Are you sure you're telling the truth?'*, she asks. You nod. She sighs and hugs you. [You think maybe it's a good time to stop]<continue|. ", "failure","As you try to deny everything one last time, she slaps your face. Once, twice. She yells at you. Four times. She threatens with terrible punishment. Eight times. [There's nothing else you can say to her]<continue|. ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 70, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Mom") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.4) (set: $NPCfailure to .05) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "child-boardingschool"), "failure", (array: "child-boardingschool") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-girlfriend","teen-troublefriend"), "failure", (array: "child-boardingschool") ) ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "Mom is so beautiful in her long black dress. Both taller and thinner, shining earrings decorating her face, a smile you aren't used to see. She could be a TV woman, a movie woman. You ask her why she takes all this time to prepare for that party. *'I wish I knew it myself. Because I'll tell you a little secret, they are all so boring and snooty that I really hate going to these parties. I don't like these people. But missing them is something you simply don't do.'* You protest. Isn't that **lying** as she always tells you not to do? *'Oh, please!'*, she says. *'I thought you were old enough to understand.'* " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. Now you think she's a liar. ", "success","*'OK, that's enough. Let me explain some funny facts of life to you...'* [It all boils down to grownups doing what they think best]<continue|, regardless what's good and what's bad. ", "failure","Well, **that** made her really angry. *'How dare you say that? No, I know what this is. I don't believe you. You're just playing with me, trying to push the limits. A bit of Machiavellian mischief, uh? Well, that doesn't work with **me**. Expect some changes tomorrow.'* [She throws you out of the room and leaves a bit later]<continue|. ", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Pretend you agree with her]<option2| and avoid problems. ", "success","*'I knew you would understand. You are so smart... Come here for a kiss.'* [You marvel at how easy it was to fool her.]<continue| Let this be a lesson. ", "failure","*'No, cut that. I know you and now you're thinking that I'm bad and you shouldn't do what I say, don't you? Well pal, [let me make a couple of things clear to you...]<continue|'* ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 60, "option2", 60, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Mom") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.4) (set: $NPCfailure to .7) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-girlfriend","teen-troublefriend"), "failure", (array: "teen-girlfriend","teen-troublefriend","child-boardingschool") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-girlfriend","teen-troublefriend"), "failure", (array: "child-boardingschool","teen-troublefriend") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "So it's four months today. Locked in this boarding school, far from all your friends, isolated from your family that hasn't visited yet - not once. It's four months and you feel like your head is full of lit matches. The school is big, cold, surrounded by forests that seemed unending when you were driven here. When the director talked to you, he said that he would pay you special attention, but make no mistake: special attention is not special treatment. They are giving special attention to you today. They told you to help clearing the ground of fallen leafs. But it's evening now, it's getting cold and you're on your own. You hate it so much. The director sees you again. Your nickname for him is Respect my Nose. *'We have informed your uncle of your good progress.'* You ask about Mom. *'We were told to follow your uncle's instructions. You know that your uncle is an important man. He's the pride of this country and you surely must be proud of him and have a deep affection for him.'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Say the truth]<option1|. You don't know much about your uncle, you don't understand why he's so important, you don't *care* about him.", "success","Respect my Nose stiffens. *'Well, at least it seems we have taught you some honesty. We haven't done much yet about your ignorance, your arrogance or your stubborness, but give us time. We will make you all right.'* You have no choice. [You give them time]<continue|.", "failure","ERROR", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[This seems an easy lie]<option2|. Your uncle is one of your favourite family members and you're glad to know that he cares about your education personally. ", "success","*'And your uncle will be glad to know all these good news about your progress. You can go now.'* [You hope you have earned some small reduction of your sentence.]<continue| ", "failure","The director gives you a twisted smile. *'Don't waste your lies with me. They warned us about you. [I have a feeling that you're going to be with us for a long time...]<continue|'* ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 70, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Director") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.3) (set: $NPCfailure to .7) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-girlfriend","teen-troublefriend"), "failure", (array: "teen-girlfriend","teen-troublefriend") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-girlfriend","teen-troublefriend"), "failure", (array: "teen-girlfriend","teen-troublefriend") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "You gaze at her only when you're absolutely sure that she won't notice it. But looking at any other point proves difficult. Very long black hair, an airy voice and occasionally a nasty mouth. What is this fascination? You know she's good. Everyone knows. You'd have to be better. You'd have to learn. You can go talk to her. She was friendly when you talked before. Her accent thick like animal fur. Cecile. Your phone rings. The small screen announces Robin, your girlfriend." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "You shouldn't maintain this fiction anymore. You were almost children when you started: this relationship outlived its meaning very long ago. [Tell Robin that you need to talk]<option1|.", "success","You can count on her listening skills. That's what drew you to her years ago, when you seriously needed to get rid of so much shit from your childhood. Being candid to her is one of your happiest memories. [She agrees to meet you later today to talk.]<continue|", "failure","When you try to tell her, she breaks into that bubbling excited voice she does when she wants to avoid something as much as it can be avoided. To be honest, she learned that voice from you. [It seems you won't have that conversation today, just the usual chatter...]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "You don't think it's necessarily wrong to go and talk to Cecile and be maybe a bit closer to her than the last time and them a while later go meet Robin, your caring, fragile girlfriend that needs so much support to not crumble into pieces each damn minute. [Talk normally with Robin]<option2|.", "success","She's okay. She won't have funny ideas about you today. You'll solve this situation soon, but first you need a break. [Go talk to Cecile.]<continue|", "failure","*'You're not all right'*, she says. Robin's a good listener. She's picked some clue that you wouldn't ever notice and perceived what you were trying to conceal. Now she demands an explanation. [You'll have to speak to her this evening.]<continue|.", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 70, "option2", 50, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Girlfriend") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .60) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-girlfriend-2"), "failure", (array: "teen-girlfriend-2") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-girlfriend-2"), "failure", (array: "teen-girlfriend-2") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "So here you are waiting for Robin after you talked on the phone this afternoon and then you talked to Cecile and she was so nice that she waited to be somewhere private where no one from school would see you to kiss you a kiss with that long hair and a kiss with that thick accent and a kiss with that airy voice. And here she is and not half as fascinating as Cecile and too similar to the girl she was when you met at twelve years old and you remember Cecile and you cannot listen to Robin anymore, absently nodding at her remarks. Until she forces you to listen. *'You fucking listen to me now. I don't care what we talked today or any other day. I know there is something.'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "It's unfair to go on with this deception. Let's get the truth out once and for all. [Tell her that you feel more attracted to other girls]<option1|.", "success","She wasn't so perceptive in the end, since it comes to her as a total surprise. Strangely, the more weeping, pushing and shaking from her side, the more detached you feel. It would seem sympathy for her dried up long ago without you noticing. [Now you're free to go on with Cecile.]<continue| Yes, you feel a great relief as she walks away listlessly.", "failure","ERROR", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "Is telling the truth better for her? Better for anyone at all? Better for Robin, for you, for Cecile? No way. She wouldn't take it. You talk to her about stressful classes and family pressure to justify your detachment. [She has heard so much bad stuff for you that she must believe it]<option2|. ", "success","Her eyes go down and her voice gets a shade of shame. You try to convince her that she shouldn't feel guilty for having neglected **you**, but it's useless. After some time she speaks softly. *'I can't do this anymore. I should feel bad about it and probably I will regret it, but I need a rest. You need so much help, you burden me so much, that I'm exhausted.'* She kisses you, she insists that you seek help, she tells you how sorry she is for leaving you when you most need someone. [It seems you don't have a girlfriend anymore.]<continue| ", "failure","*'Are you lying to me?'*, she asks with a shocked expresssion. You stick to your version. You vs. her. **Fight!** She wins all three rounds. [You feel battered]<continue|. You don't have a girlfriend and you're not sure that you want one. ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 60, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Girlfriend") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .60) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-cecile"), "failure", (array: "teen-cecile") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-cecile"), "failure", (array: "teen-cecile") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration")Cecile is sexy. And clever. She doesn't want the same thing as you. Not after the second date. Thankfully, people seem to find you quite good-looking. Finding a substitute shouldn't be that difficult, isn't it? Though the only time you actually found a girlfriend you weren't fourteen yet and things were so different and you didn't even know what you were doing. Okay. [[Let's game!->teen-laura]]{ (set: $sceneNarration to "LAURA Laura tells you to go fuck yourself. " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell her the truth]<option1|. You don't give a shit. ", "success","She believes you. [Not surprising]<continue|. ", "failure","ERROR", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie]<option2|. You're serious about her and you are falling in love. ", "success","*'If you wanted to give me nightmares, you made it'*. [It won't be Laura...]<continue| ", "failure","Laura doesn't buy it. [Not surprising]<continue|. ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 70, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Laura") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-clare"), "failure", (array: "teen-clare") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-clare"), "failure", (array: "teen-clare") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "CLARE Clare tells you to jump off a cliff to pointy rocks. " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell her the truth]<option1|. You don't give a shit. ", "success","She believes you. [Not surprising]<continue|. ", "failure","ERROR", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie]<option2|. You feel something that is not only physical. ", "success","ERROR", "failure","*'Well, let's keep it that way. Totally non-physical. As in not even seeing each other anywhere at all. Just dreaming! Wouldn't that be beautiful'*. [You don't love sarcasm.]<continue| ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 200, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Clare") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-irene"), "failure", (array: "teen-irene") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-irene"), "failure", (array: "teen-irene") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "IRENE Irene tells you to eat shit. Not literally. She suspects you might be into that and she doesn't want to give you false expectations. " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell her the truth]<option1|. Tell her she's not worth it. ", "success","*'You disgust me'*. [That ended quickly!]<continue| ", "failure","ERROR", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie]<option2|. You were being honest and she is being unfair. ", "success","ERROR", "failure","*'Yeah? Well, when you see me dating great hot people and enjoying lots of the greatest sex while you are through your third year without getting laid because you're a cynical hyprocrite unreliable bag of shit, then, that will be maybe a little bit unfair.'*. [Too graphic for you.]<continue| ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 200, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Irene") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-adrienne"), "failure", (array: "teen-adrienne") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-adrienne"), "failure", (array: "teen-adrienne") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "ADRIENNE Adrienne says she'll get someone to give you a good thrashing if she ever sees you again. There are some bulky types in her family. " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell her the truth]<option1|. You are leaving her alone. ", "success","*'I'll give you this one for free. Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe it's not about the girls you chase? Have you ever thought that maybe the problem is **you**?'*. [You close the door softly on your way out.]<continue| ", "failure","ERROR", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 1) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Adrienne") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-uncle-1"), "failure", (array: "teen-uncle-2") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "An evening staring at the pink plush unicorn that you bought for Laura but couldn't give before she told you to fuck off: that's Saturday for you when you're seventeen and Mom is away for the whole weekend. Fortunately you remembered the whiskey bottle that Mark stole and you have been hiding since Summer. Being wasted on your own is far more amusing that being wasted around others. A little more and you think you'll remember why the plush unicorn seemed so funny then. The phone ring is piercing. It is... **your uncle?** He wants to come buy for a quick chat with Mom... no, he wants to talk to **you.** " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "Your uncle is an important man and you are in pre-vomit state. You don't want him here today. [Tell him the truth]<option1|. ", "success","*'Well, I can't be bothered. This is the time I've got and this is the time I'll spend with you. You better be ready, I'll be there in an hour.'* [He doesn't seem used to people telling him he can't do something.]<continue| ", "failure","error", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "You need him not to come, but he doesn't need to know all about you. [Tell him you have the flu]<option2|. ", "success","*'Well, I can't be bothered. This is the time I've got and this is the time I'll spend with you. You better be ready, I'll be there in an hour.'* [He doesn't seem used to people telling him he can't do something.]<continue| ", "failure","error", ), "option3", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "You have heard so much about how important he is but seen so little to prove it. You want to find out more. A quick shower will probably be enough to look like a healthy person. [Tell him he's welcome]<option3|. ", "success","*'Great. Please remember that I don't like candles and I can't be in a room with abstract paintings. I'll be there in an hour.'* [Candles...?]<continue| ", "failure","error", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 3) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 0, "option3", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Uncle") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to 1) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-uncle-2"), "failure", (array: "teen-uncle-2") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-uncle-2"), "failure", (array: "teen-uncle-2") ), "option3", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-uncle-2"), "failure", (array: "teen-uncle-2") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "He still does this funny little thing with the right foot when he enters the house. *'I'll be totally candid about this. As you know, I have a fairly good position, even if most people have never heard of me. Well, you must know that true influence is never talked about openly. It wouldn't work any other way. '* *'I'm a representative, a liaison between some known and open people who receive the influence, and some influential interests that are totally private. I'm not the owner of the Manor, only a medium-term occupant.'* *'And I have some influence myself. You have already enjoyed it, but I'd be glad if you could benefit more from it. I have **a special plan for you** alone.'* " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "You want your independence. You have no wish to fulfill somebody else's plans for you. [You're grateful but not interested]<option1|. ", "success","*'Well, it will be easier for you if you do what's expected. But I didn't say that I would pull the strings only if you agreed. You don't get to vote on this.*' He leaves. [Seems he will do as he pleases.]<continue|", "failure","*'Well, that's a dauntless answer! Are you trying to play the brave grownup to your uncle? That's cute, but here's a hint: **don't**. I have eaten alive more brave grownups than you have seen in your whole life, and you'll never be one of them.'* *'Luckily we don't need you to be brave, we only need you to pretend it well enough. And I think you're good enough at pretending, aren't you?'* He leaves. [Seems he will do as he pleases.]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "You want no part of this, but you're afraid your uncle will do as he pleases anyway. You can as well pretend to like the idea. [Lie to him]<option2|. ", "success","*'Then we're settled. Don't expect us to tell you what to do or what we are doing. Opportunities will come to you.*' He leaves. [It seems you're in his payroll now.]<continue|", "failure","*'Well, wasn't that a wonderful lie! Are you trying to trick your uncle? That's cute, but here's a hint: **don't**. I have eaten alive so many liars like you that I don't even notice the taste anymore.'* *'Luckily a good liar is something I can use. And I think you're good enough, aren't you?'* He leaves. [Seems he will do as he pleases.]<continue| ", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 70, "option2", 40, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Uncle") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.2) (set: $NPCfailure to .60) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart") ), "option3", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "Who's the man that smiles at you from the back of the audience? He seems familiar but he makes you strangely uneasy. You loose the thread of your discourse and start to ramble. Katrina kicks you under the table. She's right to be mad. If you deliver, this could be **the first election you win**. Both of you. A bald man in the audience raises his hand and asks about the lack of places to park when he comes shopping to town on his horse. Katrina kicks you again. The question has been asked in the most deadpan and prosaic manner. You haven't heard a laugh, not even a giggle. *Parking space for horses.* It's only a three hundred thousand people city in the 21st century. Are they testing you? The bald man is waiting. The smiling man is gone." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. You can say that there is no way in the world that this is going to happen, ever.", "success","Katrina is not happy. *'I know that this sounds strange, but people want hyprocrite candidates who avoid commitment. Never answer a question like that clearly. They appreciate your believable lying'* [You will remember that.]<continue|", "failure","Katrina is not happy. *'I know that this sounds strange, but people want hyprocrite candidates who avoid commitment. Never answer a question like that clearly. They appreciate your believable lying'* [You will remember that.]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Tell an easy lie]<option2|. You can say that every citizen's problems must be taken into account. If the man presents a detailed explanation of his situation, you and your party can try to find a balanced situation. It's been long since the last time you giggled in the middle of a sentence like that.", "success","*'I know that this sounds strange, but people want hyprocrite candidates who avoid commitment. They appreciate your believable lying' [You thank her.]<continue|", "failure","The bald man's incredulity and insistence has ultimately made you look bad. *'But don't worry too much. The media wasn't there. Everybody has already forgotten it. What are we talking about?.'* You honestly like campaigning with Katrina. [Think of the next time.]<continue|", ), "option3", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Tell an outrageous lie]<option3|. Young politicians must be daring, because, who else? You have never thought about the problems of vehicle horse owners and you are not going to dismiss them before knowing. Horses may be compatible with a greener future, more parks, less cars, happier children, healthier people and pets. You will read the bleeding edge research on the topic and devise a comprehensive plan. Katrina is going to love this one.", "success","She does love it. *'They knew it was crazy talk'*, she explains, *'but they didn't you were crazy or an idiot, only that you are willing to talk like that. Aaaaaand that's great for votes, believe it or not.'* [Well, you were not expecting that.]<continue|", "failure","*'Most guys never recover from a tumble like that'*, she says. *'Maybe in the eyes of voters, but never in the eyes of their party.'* [You knew you were taking a risk. You had your motives.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 3) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 40, "option2", 60, "option3", 70, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Public") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart-2"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart-2") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart-2"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart-2") ), "option3", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart-2"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart-2") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "*'Please, do you have an idea about where our son may be now?'* A weeping father is asking you, but you feel unmoved. *'Sure you know something. Tell them'*. That's Mom. There's a note of distress in her voice. She cares about Pete. You deny with your head. *'Sure?'* Deny again. Pete and you often talk about hitchhiking to the seaside, and now that he's doing it, you won't say anything. Even if he's doing it without you. But he has the right to go to the seaside and see his girlfriend. His illness is just an excuse for dictatorial parents. He's not going to die on his own, he knows his pills better than anyone. They use his illness to direct his behaviour. They didn't like that girlfriend, as they don't like most of Pete's friends, or his clothes, or his music. People has to grow up and rebel. You will keep your mouth shut. *'Are you totally sure Pete hasn't mentioned anything?'* That's Mom asking. You hesitate." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. He's hitchhiking to see this girl she met last summer. He'll be fine.", "success","*'If you planned this together, you are in trouble. And if anything at all happens to that poor boy, I'll make sure you learn the lesson. Forever'* [They go looking for him.]<continue|", "failure","*'Pete is not so irresponsible. You're covering for something else. Tell the truth now!'* [But there's nothing else to say.]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie to Mom]<option2|. You don't know anything.", "success","They believe it. Pete's parents leave in despair, having exhausted almost all options. *'Never do something like that to me'*, Mom says. [You promise.]<continue|", "failure","'*I know you're lying. Say it now, or else...'* [Stick to your story.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 30, "option2", 50, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Mom") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.2) (set: $NPCfailure to .70) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-troublefriend-3"), "failure", (array: "teen-troublefriend-2") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-troublefriend-2"), "failure", (array: "teen-troublefriend-2") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $NPC to "Uncle") (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "truth", 1000, "lies", 1000, ) ) }So this is the shape that Death will take. At least your uncle, old and frail as he is, has bothered to come with the contract killer to make sure the job is correctly done. *'You know this is not one of my predilect ways of using influence.'*, he says, as aloof as always. *'It's not that you were not good enough for my employers. These things don't depend on anyone's adequacy, or will. It simply happens. It's beyond us.'* [Let's see what happens]<continue| { (set: $endgameSuccess to (datamap: "truth", "*'I'm sorry'*, he says, and the other man raises the gun.", "lies", "*'I'm sorry'*, he says, and the other man raises the gun." ) ) (set: $endgameFailure to (datamap: "truth", "*'I'm sorry'*, he says, and the other man raises the gun.", "lies", "*'I'm sorry'*, he says, and the other man raises the gun." ) ) }(click: ?continue)[(display: "endgame-engine")](if: $decisionHistory's Introduction is "truth")[ You have chosen to tell Death the truth.(set: $currentChoiceType to "truth")(set: $chosenOption to "truth")](elseif: $decisionHistory's Introduction is "lies")[ You have chosen to tell Death a lie.(set: $currentChoiceType to "lies")(set: $chosenOption to "lies")] { (set: $pointsRandom to (random: 0,100)) (set: $habitCounter's $currentChoiceType to ($habitCounter's $currentChoiceType) + 1) (set: $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType to (round: (($habitCounter's $currentChoiceType)/($habitCounter's truth + $habitCounter's lies))*100) ) (if: $trustCounter contains $NPC)[ (set: $isNPCknown to "yes")] (else:)[ (set: $isNPCknown to "no") (set: $trustCounter to $trustCounter + (datamap: $NPC, $initialTrust's $NPC) )] (set: $pointsTrust to $trustCounter's $NPC) (set: $points to (round: ( $pointsRandom + ($pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType) + $pointsTrust ) / 3) ) }(if: $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType > 85)[You have said $currentChoiceType almost always you could.](elseif: $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType > 60)[You have said $currentChoiceType frequently.](elseif: $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType > 35)[You don't have much preference for neither truth or lies.](else:)[You rarely said any $currentChoiceType.] (if: $trustCounter's $NPC > 85)[This person, $NPC, has almost unbreakable trust in you.](elseif: $trustCounter's $NPC > 60)[This person, $NPC, trusts you but not unconditionally.](elseif: $trustCounter's $NPC > 40)[This person, $NPC, is suspicious of your intentions.](elseif: $trustCounter's $NPC > 15)[This person, $NPC, simply doesn't trust you.](else:)[It would be a miracle if this person, $NPC, believed a single word you could say.] {**(if: $points >= $choiceProbability's $chosenOption)[ (print: $endgameSuccess's $chosenOption) ]**} {**(if: $points < $choiceProbability's $chosenOption)[ (print: $endgameFailure's $chosenOption) ]**} #THE END [[Restart->Initialization]](set: $successFeedback to (datamap: "truth", (datamap: "random", "You feel that they believed it out of pure luck, even if it was the truth.", "NPC", "Telling the truth to someone who trusts you is easy.", "habit", "People believes you because It's evident that you are a honest person. You generally tell the truth and your face shows it.", "none", "No factor seems more important than others for this result." ), "lies", (datamap: "random", "Your lie was believed due to sheer luck, it seems.", "NPC", "Apparently this person tends to believe in you, even if you are lying.", "habit", "You have told so many lies that now it's a second nature to you.", "none", "No factor seems more important than others for this result." ) ) ) (set: $failureFeedback to (datamap: "truth", (datamap: "random", "You told the truth and you had everything in your favour. They didn't buy it. Bad luck.", "NPC", "This person seems to distrust you even if you tell the truth.", "habit", "You tell the whole truth so rarely that it's no question you felt strange and didn't transmit credibility.", "none", "No factor seems more important than others for this result." ), "lies", (datamap: "random", "Your lie wasn't believed. Maybe it was bad luck.", "NPC", "This person doesn't trust you, and telling lies doesn't make it any easier.", "habit", "Your lack of lying experience doesn't make you most credible.", "none", "No factor seems more important than others for this result." ) ) )(set: $initialTrust to (datamap: "init", 50, "Death", 50, "Cousin Anton", 50, "Mom", 70, "Psychologist", 40, "Director", 30, "Girlfriend", 80, "Laura", 40, "Clare", 0, "Irene", 0, "Adrienne", 0, "Uncle", 50, "Public", 20, "Katrina", 60, "First Minister", 80, "yourself", 65, "Office", 80, "Andrea", 80, "Friends", 60, "The Policeman", 30, "Pete", 70, ) )[$sceneNarration { (if: $trustCounter contains $NPC)[ (set: $isNPCknown to "yes")] (else:)[ (set: $isNPCknown to "no") (set: $trustCounter to $trustCounter + (datamap: $NPC, $initialTrust's $NPC) ) ] (if: $numberOfChoices > 0)[ <div class="choice" style="background:#eaeaea; margin:30px 0; padding:5px">(print: $sceneChoice's option1's text)</div> ] (if: $numberOfChoices > 1)[ <div class="choice" style="background:#eaeaea; margin:30px 0; padding:5px">(print: $sceneChoice's option2's text)</div> ] (if: $numberOfChoices > 2)[ <div class="choice" style="background:#eaeaea; margin:30px 0; padding:5px">(print: $sceneChoice's option3's text)</div> ] }]<sceneNarrationHook| { (click: ?option1)[ (set: $chosenOption to "option1") (replace: ?sceneNarrationHook)[ (display: "Scene Result") ] ] (click: ?option2)[ (set: $chosenOption to "option2") (replace: ?sceneNarrationHook)[ (display: "Scene Result") ] ] (click: ?option3)[ (set: $chosenOption to "option3") (replace: ?sceneNarrationHook)[ (display: "Scene Result") ] ] }{ (set: $pointsRandom to (random: 0,100)) (set: $currentChoiceType to $sceneChoice's $chosenOption's type) (set: $habitCounter's $currentChoiceType to ($habitCounter's $currentChoiceType) + 1) (set: $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType to (round: (($habitCounter's $currentChoiceType)/($habitCounter's truth + $habitCounter's lies))*100) ) (set: $pointsTrust to $trustCounter's $NPC) (set: $points to (round: ( $pointsRandom + ($pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType) + $pointsTrust ) / 3) ) (if: $points >= $choiceProbability's $chosenOption)[ (print: $sceneChoice's $chosenOption's success) (if: $disableFeedback is "No")[ (if: ($pointsRandom > $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType) and ($pointsRandom > $pointsTrust) )[(set: $maxPoints to "random")](elseif: ($pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType > $pointsRandom) and ($pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType > $pointsTrust) )[(set: $maxPoints to "habit")](elseif: ($pointsTrust > $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType) and ($pointsTrust > $pointsRandom) )[(set: $maxPoints to "NPC")](else:)[ (set: $maxPoints to "none")] <div class="success-feedback"> (print: $successFeedback's $currentChoiceType's $maxPoints) </div> ] (set: $currentResultState to "success") (set: $trustCounter's $NPC to (round: ($trustCounter's $NPC) * $NPCsuccess)) ] (if: $points < $choiceProbability's $chosenOption)[ (print: $sceneChoice's $chosenOption's failure) (if: $disableFeedback is "No")[ (if: ($pointsRandom < $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType) and ($pointsRandom < $pointsTrust) )[(set: $maxPoints to "random")](elseif: ($pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType < $pointsRandom) and ($pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType < $pointsTrust) )[(set: $maxPoints to "habit")](elseif: ($pointsTrust < $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType) and ($pointsTrust < $pointsRandom) )[(set: $maxPoints to "NPC")](else:)[ (set: $maxPoints to "none")] <div class="failure-feedback"> (print: $failureFeedback's $currentChoiceType's $maxPoints) </div> ] (set: $currentResultState to "failure") (set: $trustCounter's $NPC to (round: ($trustCounter's $NPC) * $NPCfailure)) ] (set: $decisionHistory to $decisionHistory + (datamap: (passage:)'s name, $currentChoiceType) ) (set: $nextChoice to $nextScene's $chosenOption) (set: $nextEither to $nextChoice's $currentResultState) (set: $nextGoto to (either: ...$nextEither)) (click: ?continue)[ (goto: $nextGoto) ] }{ (set: $sceneNarration to "Well, this has been a disaster. The media wasn't there, but Katrina told some version of the ridiculous horse story to a journalist. In the last two days every cartoonist in the country has learned to draw your face. You receive a phone call from your uncle. It's been eight years since the day he came to Mom's home and you haven't seen him since. *'I advise you to choose wisely. But your choices so far haven't been bad'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. You have always suspected that you have had some invisible help within the party.", "success","Your uncle chuckles. *'Yes, you are sharp. We made you all right, didn't we?'* [There's no more talk with him.]<continue| Time for choices.", "failure","Your uncle chuckles. *'You always suspected! Yes, you are sharp. We made you all right, didn't we?'* [There's no more talk with him.]<continue| Time for choices.", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie]<option2|. Why is he even talking to you? You never received any news from him. Your career is your thing, you decided to do it and he has no influence.", "success","He stays silent for a moment. *'Maybe I wasn't right about you.'* He hangs. [Time for choices.]<continue|", "failure","He stays silent for a moment. *'Maybe I wasn't right about you.'* He hangs. [Time for choices.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 50, "option2", 50, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Uncle") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.2) (set: $NPCfailure to .90) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart-3"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart-3") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart-3"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart-3") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to " " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[]<option1|.", "success","[]<continue|", "failure","[]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[]<option2|.", "success","[]<continue|", "failure","[]<continue|", ), "option3", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[]<option3|.", "success","[]<continue|", "failure","[]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 3) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 0, "option3", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "John Doe") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "",""), "failure", (array: "","") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "",""), "failure", (array: "","") ), "option3", (datamap: "success", (array: "",""), "failure", (array: "","") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "Well, he told you to choose wisely. This is an important choice. You ask Katrina if helping candidates make fool of themselves is in her job description. *'Well, I never met one that needed help for that.'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. You don't want her around you anymore.", "success","{(set: $trustCounter's Katrina to 0) }*'I'm not forgetting this'*, she says. [She leaves without another word.]<continue|", "failure","error", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie to her]<option2|. Say you forgive her. You want her to stay with your team.", "success","*'OK, OK. See, in this line of work you can't go ahead if you remember every little grievance. That was a free lesson for you.'* [Suddenly you wonder if she works for your uncle.]<continue|", "failure","*'I almost believed it'*, she says. *'Be a pro. That one was the most pro I've heard from you yet.'* [Suddenly you wonder if she works for your uncle.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 50, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Katrina") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart-4"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart-4") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "young-politicalstart-4", "young-politicalstart-5", "young-politicalstart-5"), "failure", (array: "young-politicalstart-4", "young-politicalstart-5", "young-politicalstart-5") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){(set: $sceneNarration to "**YOU WON!** You're barely 25 and you've already won your first election. There's a long ladder in front of you to climb, but you have more time than most, and much more intelligence than almost all. You want to reach a position where you can do something that people can admire. You know you are intelligent enough, you only need the opportunity. You'll be able to do something important, be recognized, be remembered. But tonight you have all the admiration you need. You are a winner." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. Let everyone know your plans. Write an open letter for the newspapers and state your ambitions. You should be listened to right now, when you are full of energy and ideas.", "success","Your article appears in the main local newspaper and is later commented by the others. You wait nervously for derisive responses, but they never arrive. They are paying attention. [The public seems to like you.]<continue|", "failure","Your article appears in the main local newspaper and is later commented by the others. You don't have to wait too long for derisive responses: they come from everywhere, even from your own party. You went to far, too fast. But remember you still have won the elections. [You have lost some support.]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Hide the truth]<option2|. This is a game of both strategy and luck. Don't show your hand to soon.", "success","You quietly increase your influence without sudden moves. [Well done.]<continue|", "failure","You feel you have wasted your opportunity in the highlight. You will do things slowly, but you could have gotten a headstart, you could have been different from the others from the beginning. [You have lost some support.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 30, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Public") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.4) (set: $NPCfailure to .7) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-politician"), "failure", (array: "adult-politician") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-politician"), "failure", (array: "adult-politician") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "This policeman is not so nice as the other one. This policeman doesn't try to convince you that Pete will be better if you tell what you know, he tries to tell you how bad it will be for you if you don't give them the information. *'You don't want to be here for the night. You know the kind of kids we have here? The kind that spend fifteen years out of their first thirty in jail. You don't want that company.'* " ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell him what you know]<option1|.", "success","*'And why the hell didn't you say it before, you little idiot? Who do you think you are? You think you get a prize for telling the truth now?'* Mom agrees with that. [Telling the truth]<continue| gets you grounded for months. You won't forget that.", "failure","error", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie]<option2|. Tell him you don't know anything.", "success","OK, OK. We'll leave you alone. [Nobody asks you again about Pete.]<continue|", "failure","*'You keep lying? We keep you here. We have the right to do it. You have no idea how bad is what you are doing.'* You spend the night in the police station. [In the morning, you crack and tell them everything.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 70, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "The Policeman") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-troublefriend-3"), "failure", (array: "teen-troublefriend-3") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-troublefriend-3"), "failure", (array: "teen-troublefriend-3") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "You meet Pete in the part of the park with the thickest trees. It would be bad enough if Mom or his parents find out that you have seen each other. He hugs you and says: *'I know it was you.'* He didn't manage to see the girl, but his parents now let him phone her. Most ot the patches and rashes he got in his skin have faded, although a few may last years, or just forever. He's less optimistic about the limp. His adventure cost him a whole school term. *'They won't tell me but I know it was you. It's okay. I can't imagine how they presed you.'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Admit it]<option1|.", "success","*'I told you, it's okay.'* [You'll keep trying to see each other.]<continue|", "failure","error", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Try to convince him you didn't say anything]<option2|.", "success","He seems to hesitate. *'Are you telling the truth? It wasn't you who told the police.'* He seems totally confused now. He'll have to start suspecting someone else. [You reassure him.]<continue| Maybe it was just the police. But you can see he's upset when he leaves.", "failure","*'I told you, it's okay. Don't deny it anymore. Let it be.'* [You'll keep trying to see each other.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 80, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Pete") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-uncle-1"), "failure", (array: "teen-uncle-1") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "teen-uncle-1"), "failure", (array: "teen-uncle-1") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "The interviewer plays with his glasses. You have known him long enough to realise that it's a cue: he's getting tough in the next question. You brace yourself for it. *'You got your first post in the city fourteen years ago, and you have been the mayor three years now. Most people would say that you have nothing new to show us, nothing to convince the voters that, according to the polls, are quickly leaving your side.'* Yes, you expected that question. The mixture of lies, empty generalities and a few true ideas to answer it is second nature to you by now. You have been selling the stuff for ages. But it doesn't sell today. *'Excuse me, but there's nothing new or unexpected in what you are saying. Being seen as an old leader, at your age, looks like a great disadvantage.'* That's enough. Does he really want you to lose elections in six months? Give them what they want." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Make wild promises]<option1|.", "success","You think of Katrina (it's been long) and start rolling the crazy talk. Startups! It's enough to append 'Valley' to any toponym! Robot cops! No, that's not what you meant, of course, you meant Policemen with drone cameras! Self-driving zero-emission high-capacity nature-friendly buses! Forget about those greedy drivers on under-average salary! A self-autonomous auto-governed data-driven smart bleeding-edge tech partnership to upgrade the city to the next decade! No, make it two decades! And add something spicy... Theme parks! And casinos! You don't know if the interviewer buys it or not, but he clearly loves it. This is going to make his year. It is published two days later. [A month later, you are comfortably **winning all the polls**.]<continue|", "failure","error", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 1) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Public") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.4) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-politician-2"), "failure", (array: "adult-politician-2") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "*'How's your uncle?'*, asks the First Minister. You answer non-commitally. He probably knows a lot more about the old man than you; everyone does. But everyone asks. It's one of the paradoxes of your career. You nod to a few grand statements of principles without paying attention, and then start explaining all your plans for the new term. *'Is everyone on board with you?'* Landslide victory! They *have* to be with you. *'What about the guys with deep pockets? They make the difference.'* Landslide victory! They know they will be dealing with *you* for the next twelve years. Not being too optimistic. *'Is their support guaranteed? We will support you, but only if you are sure that the financial burden is manageable. You don't want to have to sell them the city piece by piece in eight years. Some of your promises seemed costly.'* You hesitate. You had prepared for this moment, but hesitate anyway. The **catch** is that the money people will only support you if the First Minister supports you first; and the First Minister requires the backing of the money people to put his weight behind you." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. Cut back on your pledges, take the reputational hit and make what you can. It's safer in the short term. For everyone.", "success","*'I understand'*, he says, and you silently sigh with relief. *'But you can't back down now. **I** depend on you.'* And now you get stiff and sadly comical as a dissecated baboon. How can you be so important? *'You are the most liked leader in our party. We can't let you down, even if you ask.'* [*'You'll have to deliver.*']<continue|", "failure","error", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie]<option2|. Your victory is more fragile than it seems. You have to deliver. You mustn't leave this meeting without a firm YES.", "success","Two words are enough. You feel a pinch of sadness as you think of so many occassions with so much people that would have turned easier for you and better for everyone if people had believed those two words. You say: trust me. [And he trusts you.]<continue|", "failure","error", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "First Minister") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .8) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-politician-3"), "failure", (array: "adult-politician-3") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-politician-3"), "failure", (array: "adult-politician-3") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "Katrina stares at you from the other end of the table. Ten more people are sitting and some more standing, but it's like they are transparent. Her look says there's nothing you can do or tell her that will make her change her mind. You don't understand. Years have passed, she has had her own successes. What's the importance of a few old lies? *'Mayor, do you understand why you are here?'*, she says. You nod and wonder if your uncle pays the beach house of some of these guys. *'You are here because there are well grounded suspicions regarding your relationship with several companies that have won city council contracts during your last term. Contracts that, in almost every case, have brought no benefit to the citizens, only debt and crisis. You are suspect not only of concealing the actual situation of the city's finances, but also suspect of enriching yourself through illegitimate means. Do you understand that?'* That's it. She can't believe this stuff... not about you. They have taken away your victory, the admiration you enjoyed... They have taken away your opportunity to do something that mattered. If they could just wait... the startups would come, the tech people would solve the technical problems. The city would start working as the damn *money machine* you imagined. But idiots can't wait. So you'll give her something now." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell her how you really feel now]<option1|.", "success","Her face! Katrina's face literally melts as you casually ask her how many times you had slept together, and add that it's you who should feel insulted, because she only came to you when she thought you could win elections. Ah. Her face. The other people is not important, they don't exist. [Beautiful!]<continue|", "failure","error|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Lie through your teeth]<option2|. But it won't be a simple lie. You have to build a house of cards, many small lies forming a perfect structure, reinforcing each other without holes.", "success","You do it. You quote people who won't be able to refute that. You mention a hundred small pieces of unrelated information as if they formed a whole, so it seems that all you knew were the optimistic projections. She doesn't buy it, of course. But she's not alone. [No charges are ever pressed against you.]<continue|", "failure","You do it. You quote people who won't be able to refute that. You mention a hundred small pieces of unrelated information as if they formed a whole, so it seems that all you knew were the optimistic projections. She doesn't buy it, of course. Neither the others. [This is the end.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 55, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Katrina") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to 1) (set: $trustCounter's Katrina to 1) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-politician-4"), "failure", (array: "adult-politician-4") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "endgame-forgotten"), "failure", (array: "adult-politician-4") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "Who are they to want you in jail? You simply can't understand. But all kinds of charges have been pressed against you. Essentially, you are accused, as a city mayor, of starting crazy projects that went way oberbudget due to faulty finantial projections, indebting the city to the brink of bankruptcy, in order to drive substantial amounts to companies of your personal preference. Not that they have respected the explanations you gave. Jail, it seems." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[You only have one bullet left]<option1|.", "success","You phone the First Minister and explain your threat in the clearest available terms. You will reveal every single case of enrichment, nepotism, bribes, embezzlement and out of control expenses that you know about. Not only in the party. Your knowledge goes a lot further. It almost reaches the shores of what your uncle once called 'totally private interests'. You know you can't prove anything, but you know that the public will believe in the revenge of a jailed leader. You end the conversation before he can answer, and power off the phone. A bit later, you turn it on and you call Katrina. She comes a couple of hours later. You see, you both are quite the same. You both only understand relationships in terms of who has the upper hand. And you concede that Katrina had the upper hand most of the time. She likes it. She likes you when you say it. She leaves. [Wait.]<continue|", "failure","error", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 1) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "First Minister") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "endgame-murder"), "failure", (array: "endgame-murder") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "You lost the elections. Katrina looks at you from the bed where she's spent the last two nights. There's a longing in her you have never seen before. *'You really deserved it. You have everything you need to win and make them believe in you.'* You think you are going to feel exhausted for months. These last days you have realised that it was only Katrina that kept you going. You need her for this, and maybe for a lot more. You'd *love* to need her for more. She suddenly shows another part of herself you didn't expect. *'You're not throwing in the towel. You will win. But you have to be bold and cold and ruthless. More than you can imagine. **Can you be ruthless?**'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. You feel this exhaustion is forever. You want to be out of this. And you want her with you.", "success","*'Dissappointing'*. That's the only thing she says before leaving. [Alone.]<continue|", "failure","*'I know you don't mean it. You're tired. Tomorrow you'll start working again'*. Her voice turns soothing (one more new side of her) and she makes you forget your intentions. [You sleep to the next day.]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Tell a lie that satisfies her]<option2|. Say you will do whatever she says.", "success","She shines when you tell her. She trusts. She'll help. She'll stay. [Next day you start working again.]<continue|", "failure","*'Why do you lie? You have it in you. Believe it. You can blow all of them off the field.'* [You promise you will.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 80, "option2", 50, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Katrina") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.5) (set: $NPCfailure to .6) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-privatelife"), "failure", (array: "adult-politician") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-politician"), "failure", (array: "adult-privatelife") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "Today you feel like the youngest child in the school being told to drive the school bus. Like you're going to spiral out of control as soon as you try to grab the wheel. Andrea says goodbye without noticing your exasperation. You unthinkingly follow her as if you intend to kiss her, or yell at her, or ask her to stay, or... what are you doing on the floor? How did you fall? No way. A banana peel? **A banana peel at home?** Is someone writing a comedy with your life? At least Andrea respects you. She knows your real worth and she tells it. When Katrina dumped you a bit before you left politics, you saw Robin a couple of times. But you couldn't believe how dismissive of you she had grown. Chewing gum with you. Today's the day. In the office, the wheels turns and throws you into the spiral. *'We have always trusted you even if you didn't pass a real selection process to get this job.'*. It's the boss right hand who says that. You were selected because you are the best at spitting in coffe cups! You've done it for years and, for the first time, you do a public performance. You spit in each one of your workmates' personal cup, calling them by the nicknames you've given them. *Problem Child. I Deny Evidence. Cargo Cultist. Shoot First. Someone Else's Problem.* It's Someone Else's Problem who finally asks: *'Are you stopping it?'*" ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[No]<option1|.", "success","[For once, you haven't even considered telling a lie]<continue|", "failure","error", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Nope]<option2|.", "success","[For once, you haven't even considered telling a lie]<continue|", "failure","error", ), "option3", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[I'm afraid that circumstances compel me to provide a much-lamented, unsatisfactory, negative response to your concern, hoping that this disappointment will promptly be cleaned from your soul by a second spit in your coffee sipping container]<option3|.", "success","[For once, you haven't even considered telling a lie]<continue|", "failure","error", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 3) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 0, "option3", 0, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Office") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-privatelife-2"), "failure", (array: "adult-privatelife-2") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-privatelife-2"), "failure", (array: "adult-privatelife-2") ), "option3", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-privatelife-2"), "failure", (array: "adult-privatelife-2") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "That was nice for a start. A happy morning will lead you to a perfect afternoon. That's what you think while you are escorted out of the building. Out of a whim, you decide taking Andrea for lunch to one of the restaurants where they still remember you and treat you accordingly. She's suspicious of your excuses, but goes with you anyway. It all goes well until the desserts, when she casually mentions that your upcoming wage raise will be great for taking some holiday in a place where you both could get *really* tanned." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. I have been fired and probably sued after they called me a failed untalented upstart. And I spat in their coffe.", "success","She gets up, picks a lobster from another table and starts hitting you with it. [Fun!]<continue|", "failure","*'You **are** kidding, right?'* Not at all. She gets up, picks a lobster from another table and starts hitting you with it. [Fun!]<continue|", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Make something up]<option2|. I've just decided to start my own business.", "success","error", "failure","*'But will you keep your job?'* Of course not. You do not reach greatness by half-hearted steps. *'What business?'* A restaurant, probably. Some place where you serve coffee that can be spat in. And then you raise your voice to say that in this restaurant all coffee cups are always spat in. You can tell it in the taste. Subsequently you receive a slap in the face. [Fun!]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 50, "option2", 200, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Andrea") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-privatelife-3"), "failure", (array: "adult-privatelife-3") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "adult-privatelife-3"), "failure", (array: "adult-privatelife-3") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $sceneNarration to "Andrea won't let you be at home with her? The best short-term solution you come up with is staying at Mark's. He agrees without a question and gives you three pieces of information: Most of your common friends are coming to play cards tonight. Have this bottle of wine. You look like you need it. One of the slats under the mattress is loose. Move to much in the bed and you might fall and sleep in the shape of a V. You follow this instructions carefully and drink the whole bottle before the card game." ) (set: $sceneChoice to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "type", "truth", "text", "[Tell the truth]<option1|. If you had won those elections back them, you wouldn't have exchanged a word with them in the last seven years. ", "success","Well, isn't that a surprise? They always suspected that, but they pretended it didn't matter to keep you around, because they pitied you. **They** pitied **you**. [Now you have no friends.]<continue|", "failure","error", ), "option2", (datamap: "type", "lies", "text", "[Let it flow]<option2|. You challenge each one of them to a fistfight. You will spit in everyone's coffe until they accept.", "success","Well, they *believed* you. The bleeding nose was to be expected. [Now you have no friends.]<continue|", "failure","They are so understanding and friendly that you feel insulted by the lack of reaction to your insults. You won't call them anymore. [Now you have no friends.]<continue|", ), ) ) (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "option1", 0, "option2", 50, ) ) (set: $disableFeedback to "No") (set: $NPC to "Friends") (set: $NPCsuccess to 1.1) (set: $NPCfailure to .20) (set: $nextScene to (datamap: "option1", (datamap: "success", (array: "endgame-alone"), "failure", (array: "endgame-alone") ), "option2", (datamap: "success", (array: "endgame-alone"), "failure", (array: "endgame-alone") ), ) ) }(display: "Scene Narration"){ (set: $NPC to "yourself") (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "truth", 0, "lies", 0, ) ) }So this is the shape that Death will take. No charges were pressed, but your career was done. Your defeat was so absolute that there was no chance you could ever get back. To you, a fall from everything to nothing feels exactly like Death. You are free and moderately wealthy. Some companies have told you that they could have some use for you (they said it a bit more elegantly than that). You're not too old for another career. But most people don't want you. You have no chance of earning their admiration again. What do you have without that? What else could you use them for? Without that, whatever you do, it's your end. Why not ending it for real. [Let's see what happens]<continue| { (set: $endgameSuccess to (datamap: "truth", "The truth is that you'll never dare to end it on your own. Keep going and hope it gets better.", "lies", "There are two lies. One is that you will get again what you want. The other is that you will get over it and stop wanting what you've always wanted. Not too believable, but they are okay. Keep going." ) ) (set: $endgameFailure to (datamap: "truth", "error", "lies", "error" ) ) }(click: ?continue)[(display: "endgame-engine")]{ (set: $NPC to "yourself") (set: $numberOfChoices to 2) (set: $choiceProbability to (datamap: "truth", 0, "lies", 0, ) ) }So this is the shape that Death will take. Socially dead. You have lost the only job you could get that had an incidental connection to your past. Andrea got the divorce, your friends are no more. Your career ended in a magnificent clown performance of lies and truths told without any goal, without any strategy. You are out of ideas to get any part of your life back. Without a life, you are technically dead, right? [Let's see what happens]<continue| { (set: $endgameSuccess to (datamap: "truth", "Truth is that you understand how making goals out of people will poison your life till the day of the other death. But understanding does not make you able to stop doing it. Death will not be compassive.", "lies", "It's so obvious that nobody is expecting anything from you that claiming otherwise would be embarrassing. Death will give you what you deserve." ) ) (set: $endgameFailure to (datamap: "truth", "error", "lies", "error" ) ) }(click: ?continue)[(display: "endgame-engine")] <div class="debug"> [Show debug data]<debug| (click: ?debug)[ Points you got in this choice: **$points** = $pointsRandom (random) + (print: $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType) (habit) + $pointsTrust (NPC trust) You needed to get (print: $choiceProbability's $chosenOption) points to succeed. Choice type: $currentChoiceType Truths you have told: (print: $habitCounter's truth) Lies you have told: (print: $habitCounter's lies) This choice habit calculation: (print: ($habitCounter's $currentChoiceType)*100) / (print: ($habitCounter's truth)*100) + (print: ($habitCounter's lies)*100) = (print: $pointsHabit's $currentChoiceType) Current NPC: $NPC NPC trust after choice: (print: $trustCounter's $NPC) Had you met this NPC before? $isNPCknown The possible scenes after this were $nextEither. The scene you're going to will be $nextGoto. Known NPCs: (print: $trustCounter) History: (history:) Decision history: (print: $decisionHistory) ]</div>